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Facebook Timeline – Welcome


We wanted to let you know, we’ve added a welcome tab to our Facebook Timeline. It helps you take note of the different offers, specials, and fun content we have on our Facebook Page.

Check it out and let… Continue reading

How Romantic Are You? – Prove It !!

Today is the Last Day for Submissions

Our Deadline for submitting a photo to our romantic photo contest is today. If you think you can look cute enough to get more likes than one of these couples, you should Like… Continue reading

Need a Valentine’s Do Over?

At Selix Formalwear, we’ve learned a few things about guys, weddings, proposals and Valentine’s Day. So whether you had an awesome night this year on February 14th or you need a chance to do it over we’ve got you covered.

Take a… Continue reading

The Bay Area’s Top 10 Romantic Restaurants

If you haven’t made your Valentine’s plans already here’s some tips from 997 NOW

Check out this Top 10 List of Romantic Spots to eat in the Bay! Make sure you don’t spill any good num nums on your… Continue reading

How to Put on a Tuxedo

Putting on a Tuxedo takes a little bit of know how to do it right. Before you step into your next fitting room, Check out this video from Celebrity Tuxedo!

How to Put on a Tuxedo

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